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In most of broadcast radio, there is a format or schedule of what occurs in the program at certain times. This format is something that lends consistency to the various hours and programs being broadcast. Examples of things that would be included in a programming format are: Timing of: breaks (when the announcer talks), playing of production pieces, reading of Public Service Announcements, recognition of funding, production credits, types of music played at certain times and more.


Legal Id every radio and television broadcaster in the United States is mandated by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to state the call letters and location at the top of the hour. This is called a Legal Id. For radio station WDBY, located in Duxbury Massachusetts, it would be a phrase that includes the exact statement "WDBY Duxbury". It can include information before and/or after the Legal ID, but it must include that exact phrase.



Radio production is the creation of original short recordings that help promote ideas that are central to the programming and community service mission of the broadcaster.


Essential to these recordings are several qualities:

They have to have a certain broadcast quality

They communicate a message that is consistent with the goals of the station

They are recorded to timing specifications

They make appropriate use of sound


Public Service Announcements (PSA's)

A public service announcemtent or PSA is a brief message that tells the listener about an idea, service or event that would help some or all people listening. They are one of the ways that the radio or television station can help to inform or educate the listening public. These PSA's can be recorded, in which case they are referred to as production. They can be written as scripts that are read by the announcer, and called Live Copy.


PSA's fall under a few categories:


These are announcements that could be aired indefinitely because the script makes no mention of events in the future or past.


These announcements make seasonal references only, but could be used annually during the season in reference.


These messages refer to a specific time period and have a definite date after which it would not be appropriate to broadcast. This date is called the Kill Date.



In broadcasting, the skills of engineering come into play in the cofiguration of electronic components that make up the studios and other broadcast facilities. Broadcast engineers also manage the transmission of the signal. To transmit the signal, there are several systems: transmitter, microwave link, webcasting. Each of these systems requires certain skills in hardware and software configuration and maintenance.


Studio Design

The design of broadcast studios incorporate knowledge and practice of sound control, ergonomics, and the building and placement of cabinetry and electronic equipment. Before creating permanent arrangements, the designers of the studio must plan for the use and occupation of the studio space.

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