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take a listen

this is a prototype web radio broadcast from my computer


very cool stuff. Walter is listening from FIT, Zman is listening from Northwestern, Mcnally is listening from Cornell

Its really fun when someone changes the song from across the country.





Oh, well if you are doing this stuff, check out Streambox (a live linux CD that is designed to broadcast to the web from the input jack)


when it boots, type streambox lang=us to boot in english (however note that the keyboard is intiially in qwertz european mode so the = is actually ) on our keyboard.


click the icon on the far left of the toolbar and select streaming, then streaming wizard.


I think it would be perfect for a mobile internet radio setup, because as long as you bring your own mic you can use whatever computer is at the location.





this site is a windows streaming program prety sick, because you can use all of the mp3 on a computer as the database, then from the webpage that the program makes, anyone can request the next song.


we just installed streamsicle on a computer in the hall, then we could sync everyone on the hall with the same song


I also found a linux live cd that does the same thing, but it streams whatever is comming from the input jack!!! (live internet broadcast anyone?)


OK this a classic McKinley moment where I tell you something incredibably amazing, you sit there and ponder for a second or two, and then go OOOOHH THATS SOOOOOO COOOOL.


I Have just fallen in love with Linux Live CD's Im sure youve seen them, but this one is amazing. It is designed specifically for everything I have been looking for (in terms of video, sound, picture, web design) all on one cd, all pre loaded, no instialation necessary, all free!!! You just pop in the cd when the boot menu comes up type ENGLISH and hit enter, everything loads to RAM and you are good to go, instant Gimp usage, instant video editing, instant audacity sound editing. AMAZING


Ok the site is http://www.x-evian.org/

click downloads and look for the 6.0 version (Download X-Evian_LiveCD-0.6.iso) that link might work?

you download a .iso file which you directly burn to a cd (as an image)


the site in general sounds a little anarchy esque at first (initially turned me off) but it is really a bunch of spaniards who really cant stand bill gates, so they made their own software.(thats why you have to type english on the bootup, booting in spanish almost made me cry, because I new what I had but couldnt understand a darn thing!) Everything on the CD is designed to be hackable, because it is under the creative commons license so it can be tweaked.


Oh by the way it also has software for broadcasting streaming audio over the web. interesting....

Let me know what you think!

Michael McKinley

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