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Podcast People

Phillip Torrone make magazine associate editor, hackaday.com founder

Eric Rice

Peter Rojas

Adam Curry former mtv vj

Doc Searles - Personal Option Device casts phrase coiner


Hackaday - occasional

Make - occasional

Adam Curry - daily

Morning Coffee Notes


How to podcast

How to make a 10 minute podcast - http://blog.ericrice.com/blog/_archives/2005/6/4/909411.html










Podcast Phrases

Personal Option Device (PODCast)

Open source

Time Shifting - Doing things on your own time through technology

Game Changer - technology or concept that changes the way things are done

Roadmap - planning device for long projects

Soundscene - radio/audio that includes environmental sounds and live/improvised speech


Podcast Concepts

Allow the user to listen to what they want when they want.

Listeners can submit questions in mp3 form.

Open source hardware and software

Users should be able to change and modify their objects/tech items to be what they want.

Media playback command and control

Digital Rights Media is not approved of by the maker podcast crowd.

Users should be able to control the music, media and devices that they own and have bought.


Podcasts are by rss subscription

The software recognizes when the podcast is new and downloads it in pieces until it is complete. It will then appear and be announced by the software. It is possible to download a complete mp3 file, but many of the podcasts are only available as rss subscriptions.








apple seems to be the preferred hardware vendor

sony makes lots of good gear, but their corporate policies are anti-maker

Media Center PC - microsoft would like to control/help us control our access to

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