Here are some events to build into the schedule for you, me and youth participants:


You're on the Air

one day workshop at the senior center, run by Duxbury Before and After Dark Sat November 17 $30 each. If it is good, maybe we bring the guy over to DSU to run a workshop for us.


Podcamp Boston

This is a free workshop coming up in the next few weeks. I plan on going, you should too, and we should encourage some youth to go as well. You could do it as a DSU event and provide transport somehow. I will likely be going up on Friday afternoon and staying in the city. This event is more about podcasting and web 2.0 than radio, but it should give us a good feel for where the techniques and industry is going.


Intercollegiate Radio System

Paid workshop, in October. When I was in college, I went to a bunch of workshops with this outfit. They know a lot about the radio side of things, probably a pile about podcasting too.


Here are some people

Ellen at the library works with the teen population. She and I have discussed podcasting in the past. She likes the idea, and has emailed you and me on the topic. She would be a great resource.


Ed Perry owns WATD, one of the few locally owned and controlled radio stations left in the US. He and I have been interested in setting up a radio station in Duxbury for longer than I care to admit. He has some ways of working towards a legit FM license.


Corrinne Woodworth is a teacher at DHS, and runs the journalism program. She would be an asset in getting some kind of weekly news podcast going. She and I haven't talked much about this.


Radio in this area

WATD nationally award winning for news. Excellent local coverage. I have never liked their music. They go out into the community at Christmas time and record all the high school concerts, then play the music back on Christmas day. I worked there in high school and after college.


WERS Good consistent sounding college radio station. They are marketing it towards an older crowd, sounds a little soft at times.


WUMB Professionally run 'college' radio station. Locally produced programming. Mostly folk and blues and singer songwriter stuff. Live music. Evening music is a little harder than the daytime. They have affiliations with other networks.


WUMD Straight forward college radio. I worked here for 8 years, held most of the administrative postions. It has since gotten a different fequency and power level, but I still can't pick it up in Duxbury. We are just outside the range. Thought the power boost would change that...Each dj has their on style and musical tastes. Wild variety in quality and tempo.


WOMR Based in Provincetown, it really isn't that far away. If you are a crow. Sometimes it comes in pretty good here. There is a variety of programming, each dj has their own style and musical tastes. Mostly adult run.



KEXP This is based in Seattle, they do lots right. live stream that never seems to go out. podcasts of the dj's playing their favorites or stuff they can't quite get on the air. Good variety of alternativeish music from throughout the decades. Sometimes it gets mellow, othertimes it is thrashy, othertimes it gets atonal, or mechanized, or... I can leave it on all day, but sometimes other people don't like the weirder stuff.