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Create an audio file

For the Mendocino motor podcast, we will be reading from a script. This will allow us to make sure the information is clearly presented. After practicing the script out loud in front of some friends, you will want to record it.


Rudimentary audio hardware

You can record directly into the sound card of the computer by plugging a microphone in. The pink plug is usually the mic jack.


You can also use some kind of mp3 player with a microphone. Sandisk makes a couple, with flash drives ranging from 128mb to a gig or so. They are pretty cheap you can play back mp3's and some have fm radios too. Rave Mp makes one that also has a slot for a mmc card. The card can also be used in many digital cameras.


You will definitely need a set of speakers to hear what you record. They shouldn't be hard to find. If you want something really good, you might have to pay. Otherwise, the dump or your basement probably has a set if you don't already have something on the computer. Headphones can work fine too.


If you want to get really into it, you should also get an audio mixer, but you don't need it to get started. A set of headphones would probably be nice.


Audio recording process

Read your script into the microphone. If you are plugged into the sound card, you will want to run Audacity, a free software package for working with sound. Audacity has lots of fancy features. Stay away from them for your introductory podcast experience. Focus on the script and the information. Make sure your voice is easy to hear, your sound levels are high enough that you don't have to turn the speaker volume level up too loud.


If you find a better way of doing this process, pass the word.


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