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For your podcast to work, you have to have it hosted online. There are some places that will do it for free, but will put limits on your file size or bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of information transferred to or from your account. If your podcast gets popular on a limited account, you may have to find a new host or pay to upgrade to a higher bandwidth account.


You can use a free Angelfire.com but the account is limited to 20 megabytes. This will hold around 20 minutes of audio. That will be enough to try the system out, but if you are going to get into it, you will need a more full featured account.


As time goes by, vendors will provide places for you to park your audio files and podcasts. It is a changing field.

Wiki Test - http://dhspodcasting.pbwiki.com/f/poly2.mp3

This page has some suggestions:



Try this search. It might help


If you find a better way of doing this process, pass the word.


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