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Once you get your podcast to work, there are plenty of things you can do to make it work 'better'. If you work on one of these, write up a short piece of documentation with links to useful web resources. Get the link to Mr. Connors and he will make it available to other people working on podcasting.


Here's a short list:

  • Get your audio to sound cleaner
  • Record with a different set of equipment
  • Use an audio mixer to control different sources
  • Record an interview
  • Interview somebody using Skype
  • Find a better host that offers more space and better bandwidth
  • Have some software write your rss page
  • Use a blog or other software to make your webpage
  • Get listed in the I Tunes Music Store
  • Make a longer show
  • Make a show with a format
  • Create a set of shows on a topic
  • Record and distribute a 30 second promo announcement
  • Create an identity and a logo for your podcast
  • Name your podcast
  • Register a domain name and get web hosting


Have some fun with this!

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